Violence & Security

Emerging trends in transnational security: from the rise of non-state actors to force privatization.

What’s in a term? The challenge of finding common terminology for ethnic alliance-building in Myanmar’s peace process

Dec 7, 2018 Violence & Security SieSue Mark, SieSue Mark T.notes

The challenge among ethnic actors to reach an agreement over terminology weakens their efforts to articulate collective identities and desired alternatives.

War and the coming of Artificial Intelligence

Oct 14, 2018 Violence & Security Christopher Coker T.notes

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already transforming our lives, for good or ill. And in the case of war, killing machines are not just the weapons of the future; they are already here.

SIPRI Yearbook Summary 2018: edizione italiana

Aug 30, 2018 Violence & Security

Dal 2011, T.wai in accordo con il SIPRI, offre al pubblico la traduzione italiana della sintesi del SIPRI Yearbook, considerato in tutto il mondo una fonte autorevole e indipendente di dati e analisi su temi relativi ad armamenti, disarmo e sicurezza internazionale.

Minsk Agreements: a difficult solution for Ukraine

Aug 7, 2018 Violence & Security Giulio Benedetti T.notes

While the conflict has stalled, the reality around it has changed. Although diplomatic progress is being made, the road to peace and to the lifting of conflict-related sanctions needs to pass through the implementation of the Minsk Agreements: an outcome that, for the time being, Kiev might find difficult to deliver.

Conflitto, sicurezza umana e nuove tecnologie

Aug 6, 2018 Violence & Security Human Security

Nel 2010, gli utenti di internet erano meno di 2 miliardi. Oggi, circa metà della popolazione mondiale è online e la crescita è rapida, soprattutto nei paesi in via di sviluppo. I nuovi prodotti e servizi di cui disponiamo stanno però facendo molto di più che fornire nuove possibilità: stanno cambiando il nostro modo di vivere, lavorare e relazionarci gli uni con gli altri.

Beyond the militarist approach: a new challenge for Mali

Jul 25, 2018 Violence & Security Francesco Merlo T.notes

Current peacebuilding approaches focused on state-building and militarization have led to poor security outputs, neither addressing national tensions nor fighting ethnic narratives of conflict.

Security privatisation at sea: Piracy and the commercialisation of vessel protection

Jun 18, 2018 Violence & Security Stefano Ruzza Research & Policy Papers

This article conducts a congruence testing of the main theoretical explanations for the use of PSCs on land against UK, Dutch and Italian vessel protection policies.

Street gangs as a form of glocal radicalization

Jun 13, 2018 Violence & Security Fabio Armao T.notes

Gangs are in all respects one of the forms assumed by the growing clustering of the criminal industry, in a market of illegal goods and services that is becoming ever more complex and globalized, and completely immune to the cyclical downturn in demand.

The specter of MS-13: Understanding fears and perceptions of belonging among diaspora Salvadorans

Jun 13, 2018 Violence & Security Donna De Cesare T.notes

Misunderstanding the adaptive nature of gangs like MS-13 results in policies which amplify violence and alienation in immigrant enclaves.

War By Another Name? The ‘Urban Turn’ in 21st Century Violence

Apr 23, 2018 Violence & Security Kieran Mitton T.notes

In the early twenty-first century, as inter-state war appeared to decline in frequency, new forms and discourses of ‘war’ took prominence, epitomised by the ‘War on Terror’ and the ‘War on Drugs.’ For some critics, the use of the term ‘war’ in these contexts was deeply problematic.

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