CTRL+Power: The (Geo)politics of Digital Authoritarianism

6 May 2024 to 7 May 2024
University of Turin - Campus Luigi Einaudi
Lungo Dora Siena, 100 | Torino | Italy

Sala Lauree Rossa, Campus Luigi Einaudi (Lungodora Siena 100, Turin, Italy)

A Symposium held in partnership between T.wai – Torino World Affairs institute and LSE IDEAS, in cooperation with the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society of the University of Turin, and with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Monday 6 May, 2024

Welcome and opening remarks

Stefano Ruzza, Chris Alden, Nicolò Russo Perez


Authoritarianism and the Digital Domain:

Anja Kaspersen (Carnegie Council of Ethics and International Affairs & IEEE)


Bad News: Assessing and Countering Disinformation

Chair: Stefano Ruzza (University of Turin and T.wai)

Michelangelo Conoscenti (University of Turin); Massimiliano Fusari (H-Farm College); Matthew Heneghan (University of Glasgow)


Addressing Authoritarianism in Digital Governance

Chair: Chris Alden (LSE)

Fang-Long Shih (LSE); Giampiero Giacomello (University of Bologna); Antonella Seddone, Daniela Romée Piccio and Enea Fiore (University of Turin)


Our Shared Digital Future: Recommendations for Public-Private Cooperation

Chair: Vlad Zigarov (LSE)

Kenddrick Chan (LSE); Tin Hinane El-Kadi (LSE); Melanie Garson (UCL, Tony Blair Institute)


In conversation with Anja Kaspersen (led by Chris Alden)


Tuesday 7 May, 2024

Sovereignty and the Three Ecologies of Digitalisation in an Age of Geo Politics

Richard Higgott (Brussels School of Governance), in conversation with Stefano Ruzza (University of Turin & T.wai)


Emerging Voices in the Digital Domain (Early Career Researchers Panel)

Chair: Davide Pellegrino (University of Turin)

Stella Blumfelde (University of Genoa); Lorraine Charbonnier (King’s College London & T.wai); Alessandra Russo (Catholic University of Milan); Yu-Teng Lin (National Taiwan University)


Closing remarks:

Chris Alden, Stefano Ruzza


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