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Indonesia: il mercato più grande e sfidante del Sud-Est asiatico
Rapporto TOASEAN n. 3

May 4, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Gabriele Giovannini Asia Prospects

[IT] L’Indonesia, con 270 milioni di abitanti, è il quarto stato più popoloso al mondo, e la sua economia, avendo raggiunto la soglia di 4000 dollari di PIL pro capite, rientra nella fascia a reddito medio-alto, avviandosi a diventare la quarta economia del globo nei prossimi trent’anni. Il Paese importa prevalentemente beni strumentali e intermedi e, con 1,7 miliardi di esportazioni, l’Italia è il suo undicesimo fornitore. È il risultato di un processo iniziato nel 2006 quando le esportazioni italiane erano inferiori ai 300 milioni di euro, e rafforzatosi nell’ultimo decennio, fino a portare l’Italia all’attuale posizione di secondo fornitore europeo dietro alla Germania. Questo rapporto approfondisce le opportunità offerte dall’Indonesia agli esportatori italiani sia di beni strumentali sia di beni di consumo, ambito in cui i risultati attuali (meno di 80 milioni di vendite nel 2019) sono nettamente al di sotto rispetto alle reali potenzialità del nostro Paese.

China as an Offshore Balancer in the Middle East and North Africa
The RUSI Journal

Apr 28, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Andrea Ghiselli, Maria Grazia Giuffrida Global China

Ten years after the Arab uprisings, China’s role in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has become more prominent. Andrea Ghiselli and Maria Grazia Erika Giuffrida argue that China has adopted a strategy of offshore balancing to weaken US influence in that region without, however, making evident attempts to establish its own sphere of influence. They analyse China’s approach to Libya, Syria and Iran and draw important conclusions for how to understand China’s approach to regional crises, and regional and extra-regional actors.

ASEAN e-commerce: taking stock after one year of Covid-19
Asia Prospects Business n. 4

Apr 26, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Luca Sartorelli Asia Prospects

When we last analysed ASEAN e-commerce trends it was March 2020, just over one year ago. Few of us, if any, could have imagined then that we were only at the beginning of a game-changing catastrophe that would be remembered for years to come. In the following months, worst-case scenarios came true and the COVID-19 pandemic dragged the world into what is now a radically different reality from the one we knew before. Social interaction, work, travel and many other aspects of our daily lives have changed, some of them forever.

Cina. Prospettive di un paese in trasformazione
il Mulino

Apr 13, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Giovanni B. Andornino Global China

[IT] Giovanni B. Andornino (T.wai & Università di Torino) è curatore del volume "Cina. Prospettive di un paese in trasformazione" per il Mulino. La pubblicazione si articola in XVIII capitoli curati dai ricercatori di T.wai e dalla redazione della rivista OrizzonteCina, ed è frutto dei rapporti di ricerca pubblicati per l'Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale del Parlamento Italiano e del Ministero per gli Affari Esteri.

The art of arms (not) being governed: means of violence and shifting territories in the borderworlds of Myanmar

Apr 6, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Francesco Buscemi Asia Prospects

Controlling the means of violence occurs via turbulent combinations of technical objects, techniques and rationalities that relate to four main domains: narcotics eradication; institutionalisation; ethnonationality; and humanitarian security.

Esserci o non esserci? L’ambivalenza della Presidenza Trump verso l’Asia-Pacifico
Egea editore

Mar 12, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

[IT] Il capitolo scritto da Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università degli Studi di Torino) per il libro di Alessandro Quarenghi "Trump contro l'ordine internazionale. La politica estera degli Stati Uniti nella transizione contemporanea".

A Turbulent Silk Road: China’s Vulnerable Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa
Cambridge University Press

Feb 23, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Andrea Ghiselli Global China

Andrea Ghiselli and Pippa Morgan are the authors of the article "A Turbulent Silk Road: China's Vulnerable Foreign Policy in the Middle East and North Africa" for The China Quarterly.

Regionalismo e liberalizzazione commerciale nell’Asia-Pacifico: la Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership
Osservatorio Politico Internazionale della Repubblica Italiana

Feb 17, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

[IT] È online il nuovo Approfondimento “Regionalismo e liberalizzazione commerciale nell’Asia-Pacifico: la Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership”, realizzato per l'Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale da T.wai.

Fleecy clouds: the future and the past of IPOs in mainland China
Asia Prospects Snapshot n. 5

Feb 10, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Alessandro Bonfratello Asia Prospects

Mainland China’s capital markets are not entirely akin to their Western counterparts: the regulator of the two stock exchanges (the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, or CSRC) is directly affiliated with the government; the main players are state-owned enterprises (SOEs) rather than private corporations; and political and economic stability are prioritized over the liberalization of market forces. Recently, the connection between politics and financial markets has been under global scrutiny due to the blockage of the IPO of Ant Group, magnate Jack Ma’s fintech giant, by Chinese elites fearing an excessive risk of volatility.

Myanmar: the right place to be in the next decade?
Asia Prospects Snapshot n. 4

Jan 25, 2021 Research & Policy Papers Luca Sartorelli Asia Prospects

If one takeaway of the Myanmar election of 2020 is the unquestioned adoration of the country for its icon Aung San Suu Kyi, another is surely the West’s poor understanding of this country, its ethos and its complex history. From August, while international journalists, consultants and political analysts were busy forecasting chaotic scenarios of a weakened NLD (the National League for Democracy, the party of Aung San Suu Kyi), and speculating about unlikely coalitions with ethnic and military-backed parties, a red river of NLD flags, T-shirts and stickers (including red face masks) was flooding every corner of Myanmar, with flocks of young supporters celebrating Suu Kyi’s success weeks before the election day.

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