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Assessing the impact of China on global governance in the age of power diffusion

Education fever in China: the significance of cultural capital for ideas of class and status

Oct 26, 2018 Global China Arianna Ponzini T.notes

Education is paramount for Chinese middle-class families. However, education is only one aspect of cultural capital, which consists of a wider set of social assets, promotes social mobility in a stratified society, and confers social status and power.

Cina: le nuove “Vie della Seta”

Oct 17, 2018 Global China Giovanni B. Andornino Research & Policy Papers

[IT] Giovanni Andonino (Twai & Università degli Studi di Torino) cura l'approfondimento di T.wai per l’Osservatorio di politica internazionale del Parlamento italiano.

La Cina e il Mediterraneo nella “nuova era” di Xi Jinping

Sep 13, 2018 Global China OrizzonteCina

[IT] Nell’era della cosiddetta connettività eurasiatica, fortemente promossa dal Presidente cinese Xi Jinping, mentre si aggiornano costantemente le rotte e le mappe delle “nuove Vie della Seta”, appare sempre più evidente la centralità del bacino del Mediterraneo, ineludibile punto d’arrivo della proiezione cinese verso occidente.

White cat, black cat, red cat

Aug 1, 2018 Global China Edoardo Agamennone T.notes

Chinese firms – regardless of their size, ownership structure, industry or type – should not consider themselves to be fully autonomous entities with profit maximisation as their main goal.

It’s Complicated: Singapore–China Relations, an Overview

Jul 16, 2018 Global China Ja Ian Chong T.notes

To the extent that Beijing accepts an open and inclusive Southeast Asia as well as established and binding rules, the Singapore–PRC relationship is likely to continue smoothly.

Everything under the heavens

Jul 2, 2018 Global China Edoardo Agamennone T.notes

The question to be answered is not really whether China is developing a new world order, but what the future world order will look like in light of China’s skilful use of its tools of economic statecraft.

New Zealand’s Multilateralism Does not Exclude China

May 4, 2018 Global China Nicholas Borroz T.notes

With BRI, New Zealand will examine options to use the project not just to deepen ties with China, but also to deepen ties with other countries along the BRI “spoke” where it is located.

The India–China Tango in Southeast Asia

Apr 17, 2018 Global China Smita Sharma T.notes

While objecting strongly to New Delhi joining ASEAN, Beijing keeps a close eye on India’s deepening ties with bloc members and with oil and gas exploration drives in the littoral states of the South China Sea.

Revising China’s Strategic Culture: Contemporary Cherry-Picking of Ancient Strategic Thought

Mar 28, 2018 Global China Andrea Ghiselli Research & Policy Papers

Some elements of Chinese ancient military thought are readily apparent in China's military strategic culture today. These elements clearly call for a realist vision of the world. Yet, the analysis also prompts reflection on how to positively engage China on non-traditional security issues.

China, Malaysia, and the Belt and Road Initiative: the case of the East Coast Rail Link

Mar 26, 2018 Global China Guanie Lim T.notes

Beijing needs to understand that projects that do not add value to the recipient state (in this case, Malaysia) are bound to reinforce the perception that Chinese-led initiatives are self-serving in nature.

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