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The foreign policy of the European Union: assessing Europe's role in the world

Bindi Federiga

Brookings Institution Press

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  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • European Union foreign policy: a historical overview
    Bindi Federiga pp.13-40
  • The new EU foreign policy under the treaty of Lisbon
    Verola Nicola pp.41-50
  • European security and defense policy: from taboo to a spearhead of EU foreign policy?
  • Justice and home affairs ad a new tool of European foreign policy
    Longo Francesca pp.73-81
  • Competition policy as a tool of EU foreign policy: multilateralism, bilateralism, and soft convergence
    Heimler Alberto pp.82-98
  • The European neighborhood policy: assessing the EU's policy toward the region
    Casier Tom pp.99-118
  • The European Union and Russia: past, present and future of a difficult relationship
    Piccardo Lara pp.119-132
  • EU policy toward Ukraine and Belatus: diverging paths?
  • The Balkans and European Union
    Gori Luca pp.148-154
  • EU enlargement: the challenge and promise of Turkey
    Joseph Joseph S. pp.155-168
  • The EU and the Mediterranean nonmember states
    Tovias Alfred pp.169-182
  • The EU and the Middle East
    Panebianco Stefania pp.183-196
  • Is Sarkozy's Union for the Mediterranean going to work?
    Emara Khalid pp.197-200
  • US-EU relations: putting the Bush year in perspective
    Moravcsik Andrew pp.203-208
  • Economics and security: a reversed alliance
  • Relations between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean competition or cooperation with the United States
    Roy JoaquìN pp.220-229
  • EU-Canada relations: a case of mutual neglect?
    Laursen Finn pp.230-238
  • The EU in Africa: Increasing coherence, decreasing partnership
    Carbone Maurizio pp.239-252
  • Regionalism, interregionalism and bilateralism: the UE and the Asia-Pacific
    Murray Philomena pp.253-262
  • The EU-China relationship: from cooperation to strategic partnership
    Caira Mara pp.263-270
  • EU integration and other integration models
    Yvars Bernard pp.273-289
  • Human rights, peace and democracy: is "model power Europe" a contradiction in terms?
  • US and EU strategies for promoting democracy
    Baracani Elena pp.303-318
  • Perceptions of EU foreign policy outside Europe
  • EU foreign policy: myth or reality?

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