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Government by contract. Outsourcing and American democracy.

Freeman Jody, Minow Martha

Harvard University Press

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  • Introduction: reframing the outsourcing debates
  • Public-private governance: a historical introduction
    Novak William pp.23-40
  • The transformation of government work: causes, consequences, and distorsions
    Donahue John pp.41-62
  • The Federal framework for competing commercial work between the public and private sectors
    Blum Mathew pp.63-92
  • Rent-a-regulator: design and innovation in environmental decision making
    Seifter Miriam pp.93-109
  • Outsourcing power: privatizing military efforts and the risks to accountability, professionalism, and democracy.
    Minow Martha pp.110-127
  • How privatization thinks: the case of prisons
    Dolovich Sharon pp.128-152
  • Achieving contracting goals and recognizing public law concerns: a contracting management perspective
    Kelman Steven pp.153-191
  • Federal contracting in context: what drives it, how to improve it
  • Six sample steps to increase contractor accountability
    Mendelson Nina pp.241-260
  • Privatization and democracy: resources in administrative law
    Aman Jr. Alfred pp.261-290
  • Private delegations, due process, and the duty to supervise
    Metzger Gillian pp.291-309
  • Outsourcing and the duty to govern
    Verkuil Paul pp.310-334
  • Public values/private contract
    Dickinson Laura pp.335-362

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