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Getting Organized in Vietnam. Moving in and around the Socialist State.

Kerkvliet Benedict J. Tria, Heng Russel H.K, Koh David W.H.

Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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  • Introduction: Grappling with Organizations and the State in Contemporary Vietnam
  • From Fence-Breaking to Networking: Interests, Popular Organizations, and Policy Influences in Post-Socialist Vietnam
  • Business Associations and Policy-Making in Vietnam
  • NGOs and Highland Development: A Case Study in Crafting New Roles
    Gray Michael L. pp.110-125
  • The Disabled and Their Organizations: The Emergence of New Paradigms
    Vasiljev Ivo pp.126-152
  • Authoritarian Governance and Labour: The VGCL and the Party-State in Economic Renovation
    Hansson Eva pp.153-184
  • The Relationship between Civic and Governmental Organizations in Vietnam: Selected Findings
  • Donors, Local Development Groups and Institutional Reform over Vietnam's Development Decade

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