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Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding - Moving from Violence to Sustainable Peace

Dayton Bruce, Not Specified Louis Kriesberg


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  • Introduction
  • Protagonist Strategies that Help End Violence
  • The Contributions of Leadership to the Movement from Violence to Incorporation
  • Challenges to Conflict Transformation from the Streets
    Atashi Elham pp.45-61
  • Useful but Insufficient: Intermediaries in Peacebuilding
    Dayton Bruce pp.61-74
  • Rhetorical Arts of Praise and Blame in Political Transformation
    Vivian Bradford pp.74-91
  • Peacebuilding, Democratization, and transforming the Institutions of War
    Lyons Terrence pp.91-107
  • Insecurity and Opportunity in Conflict Settings
    Duffy Gavan pp.107-123
  • Globalization and the Transformation of Conflict
    Golan Golia, Gal Adir pp.123-140
  • Mozambique - Renamo
  • Revolution Deferred: from Armed Struggle to Liberal Democracy: The African National Congress in South Africa
    Lodge Tom pp.156-172
  • The Nepali Maoists: Successful Transformation or Compliance with a Strategic Plan?
    Paffenholz Thania pp.172-188
  • Opportunity Lost: the Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unit (URNG)
    Allison Michael pp.188-204
  • Mainstreaming the Revolutionaires: National Liberating Action and the Shift from Resistance to Democracy in Brazil, 1964- present
    Serbin Kenneth pp.204-220
  • Factors Helping to Overcome the Use of Violence for Political Purposes in the Basque Country
    Gutierrez Juan pp.220-235
  • The Pakestine Liberation Organization and the Oslo Processs: Incorporation without Accomodation
    Parsons Nigel pp.235-252
  • Domesticating Tigers: the LTTE and Peacemaking in Sri Lanka
    Orjuela Camilla pp.252-270

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