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Vietnam's new order: international perspectives on the state and reform in Vietnam

Balme Stéphanie, Sidel Mark


Publication year

Place of publication
New York

  • Vietnam in comparative communist and postcommunist perspective
    Holmes Leslie pp.11-27
  • Vietnam's regional integration: domestic and external challenges to state sovereignty
  • Testing the institutional approach: cooperation between Vietnam and ASEAN
    Tung Nguyen Vu pp.51-70
  • Vietman's border disputes-assesing the impact on its regional integration
  • Vietnam's international commitments upon entry into the WTO: limits to its sovereignty? A view from Moscow
    Mazyrin Vladimir pp.88-103
  • Economic interdependence within ASEAN: a perspective on the Vietnamese strategy for development and national security
    Do Hien pp.104-118
  • Vietnam's integration into the world: national and global interfaces
    Palmujoki Eero pp.119-133
  • Understanding legality in Vietnam
    Gillespie John pp.137-161
  • Lawyers and prosecutors under legal reform in Vietnam: the problem of equality
    Quang Nguyen Hung pp.162-177
  • Vietnamese courts: contemporary interactions between party-state and law
  • Power and representation at the Vietnamese National Assembly: the scope and limits of politcal Doi Moi
    Salomon Matthieu pp.198-216
  • Modern law, traditional ethics, and contemporary political legitimacy in Vietnam
    Koh David pp.217-236
  • Building blocks for the rule of law? Legal reforms and public administration in Vietnam
    Buhmann Karin pp.237-253

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