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Routledge handbook of internaitonal political economy (IPE): IPE as a global conversation

Blyth Mark


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  • Introduction: IPE as a global conversation
    Blyth Mark pp.1-20
  • The multiple traditions of American IPE
  • Realist political economy: traditional themes and contemporary challenges
  • Contested contracts: rationalist theories of institutions in American IPE
    Cooley Alexander pp.48-61
  • Constructivism as an approach to international political economy
    Abdelal Rawi pp.62-76
  • Of margins, traditions, and engagements: a brief disciplinary history of IPE in Canada
    Germain Randall pp.77-91
  • Lineages of a British international political economy
    Clift Ben, Rosamond Ben pp.95-111
  • Empiricism and objectivity: reflexive theory construction in a complex world
  • Power-knowledge estranged: from Susan Strange to poststructuralism in British IPE
    Langley Paul pp.126-139
  • Bridging the transatlantic divide? Toward a structurational approach to international political economy
    Cerny Philip G. pp.140-159
  • Reading Hobbes in Beijing: great power politics and the challenge of the peaceful ascent
    Arrighi Giovanni pp.163-179
  • States and markets, states versus markets: the developmental state debate as the distinctive East Asian contribution to international political economy
    Bello Walden pp.180-200
  • The rise of East Asia: an emerging challenge to the study of international political economy
  • Neither Asia not America: IPE in Australia
    Sharman J. C. pp.216-227
  • Why IPE is underdeveloped in continental Europe: a case study of France
    Jabko Nicolas pp.231-242
  • Why did te Latin American critical tradition in the social sciences become pratically extinct?
    Palma José Gabriel pp.243-265
  • What do sociologists bring to international political economy?
    Campbell John L. pp.266-279
  • Economic history and the international political economy
    Oliver Michael J. pp.280-289
  • Everyday international political economy

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