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Popular movements and secret societies in China, 1840-1950

Chesneaux Jean

Stanford University Press

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  • Secret societies in China's historical evolution
    Chesneaux Jean pp.1-22
  • Some religious aspects of secret societies
  • The secret societies of Kwangtung, 1800-1856
  • The anti-Manchu propaganda of the triads, ca. 1800-1860
    Novikov Boris pp.49-64
  • Taiping relations with secret societies and with other rebels
    Curwen C. A. pp.65-84
  • The making of a rebel: Liu Yung-fu and the formation of the Black Flag Army
    Laffey Ella S. pp.85-96
  • Some notes on the Ko-lao Hui in late Ch'ing China
    Lewis Charlton M. pp.97-112
  • The Ko-lao Hui and the anti-foreign incidents of 1891
    Puyraimond Guy pp.113-124
  • The Hung Hu-tzu of Northeast China
  • Notes on the early role of secret societies in Sun Yat-sen's republican movement
    Borokh Lilia pp.135-144
  • Triads, salt smugglers, and local uprisings: observations on the social and economic background of the Waichow revolution of 1911
    Hsieh Winston pp.145-164
  • Secret societies, popular movements, and the 1911 revolution
    Lust John pp.165-200
  • The red spears in the late 1920's
    Slawinski Roman pp.201-212
  • Secret societies and paesant self-defense, 1921-1933
    Bianco Lucien pp.213-224
  • The I-kuan Tao society
    Deliusin Lev pp.225-234

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