Charles Geisler

Charles Geisler is Professor Emeritus of Development Sociology at Cornell University.

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T.note n.87 - HS series #13

The dysfunction of the US health care system, dramatized during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is a strong indicator of a failed state.

Sep 28, 2020

[IT] Gli agenti patogeni stanno scrivendo la storia e poiché oggi l’intero pianeta sta patendo gli effetti dell’assedio di una pandemia elusiva è saggio riflettere sul rapporto tra salute e sicurezza nazionale. È forse fin troppo semplice vedere questa relazione come sempre positive. In fin dei conti, come disse in modo succinto Ralph Waldo Emerson “la prima ricchezza è la salute” ed effettivamente la decrepitezza non fa bene a nessuno: indebolisce la popolazione e impone costi agli stati.

Jul 31, 2020
T.note n.23 - HS series #2

Africa can teach humanity a lesson on resilience and recovery from global climate change trauma and warfare, writes Cornell University Professor Charles Geisler.

Nov 16, 2016
Edited by Stefano Ruzza, Anja P Jakobi, Charles Geisler
Research & Policy Papers

There is a sprawling scholarship on violence, crime, and corrupt state rule; yet few have interpreted these challenges as transformative at a global scale and as a potential source of alternative, non-state, legitimacy. This volume challenges "Westphalian conservativism" in a provocative yet plausible manner, shedding light on the ubiquity and diversity of unfolding non-state agendas and on their effects on the imaginary state community.

Dec 15, 2015

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