Non-State Challenges in a Re-Ordered World The Jackals of Westphalia

Edited by Stefano Ruzza, Anja P Jakobi, Charles Geisler

“Non-State Challenges in a Re-Ordered World: The Jackals of Westphalia”
Edited by Stefano Ruzza, Anja P. Jakobi, Charles Geisler
Routledge (2016) – Series: Routledge Studies in Global and Transnational Politics


There is a sprawling scholarship on violence, crime, and corrupt state rule; yet few have interpreted these challenges as transformative at the global scale and as a potential source of alternative, non-state, legitimacy. This volume challenges “Westphalian conservativism” in a provocative yet plausible manner, shedding light at the ubiquity and diversity of unfolding non-state agendas and at their effect on the imagined state community.

Focusing on civil war parties, warlords, commercial providers of security, multinational companies and criminal organizations, the book directs attention to theoretical questions and policy challenges arising from non-state armed expansion. To accomplish this, the contributors present a range of case studies and comparisons within three thematic sections: the first takes stock of how, when, and in what measure state and state-system legitimacy are challenged by non-state violent or criminal activity; the second addresses the nature, effectiveness, and side-effects of different state-mandated reaction to non-state activities; and third focuses on the recombination of state and non-state actors contributing to processes of socio-political transformation.

This volume provides a current analysis of different armed and violent actors encroaching on the state’s monopoly of violence. It seeks to spark debate about global political change and will be of interest to students and scholars of global governance, global security, and international relations.

About the editors:

Stefano Ruzza is Assistant Professor of Conflict, Security and Statebuilding at the Department of Cultures, Politics and Society, University of Turin. He is also Head of Research of T.wai.

Anja P. Jakobi is Senior Lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Royal Holloway, University of London.

Charles Geisler is Professor of Development Sociology at Cornell University.

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