The Diplomat – 29 June 2021

“The key signal is that security issues in East Asia – the South China Sea, Taiwan, and North Korea – are now under NATO’s radar, and NATO actions/reactions in the region cannot be excluded in the future. (…) It is also interesting to notice the relatively cordial atmosphere between Putin and Biden in Geneva: for the U.S., Russia is a serious nuisance that Washington and NATO can easily deal with, even tolerating Germany’s Nord Stream flirt, but China is an existential threat that now needs a firm NATO stance.”

Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università di Torino) was interviewed by The Diplomat.

Giuseppe Gabusi

Head of Program

Giuseppe Gabusi is Head of T.wai’s Asia Prospects Program and an Assistant Professor of International Political Economy and Political Economy of East Asia at the University of Torino.

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