Summer Schools

TOChina Summer School

The TOChina Summer School, running yearly since 2007, is an instance of T.wai’s support for cutting-edge tertiary education. Run by the TOChina Centre of the University of Torino, T.wai’s main academic partner, it offers a world-class intensive course on the politics, international relations and international political economy of contemporary China.

Engaging Conflict: Prevention, Management and Resolution

The Engaging Conflict Summer School is designed to equip committed students, early-career researchers and professionals with advanced tools to critically understand conflict and tackle it as a dynamic reality. Engaging Conflict’s faculty draws from a unique spectrum of expertise to train a select group of participants in assessing the complexity of conflict and post-conflict scenarios, and evaluating the relevance and impact of different policy choices or normative standings, from non-intervention to conflict prevention.

TOIndia Summer School

Through an interdisciplinary approach, the TOIndia Summer School provides students with an extraordinary opportunity to analyse key social, political and economic issues of contemporary India. Important recent trajectories of social change – as well as continuity – will be explored, encouraging critical reflection among students.

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