Rassegna stampa – ChinaMed Symposium 2019

China’s “march” towards the region began in the late 1970s and has accelerated each year, expanding its scope from an economic to a political and security horizon. As China’s economy diversified, it required more resources and promising markets; the massive energy basins in the eastern and southern parts of the Mediterranean region and rich developed markets in the northern one seemed a perfect destination for Beijing’s new ambitions. Today, China’s powerful economic presence is a common feature in the vast majority of the Mediterranean countries.

‍Against this background, how does China’s growing global role affect the current dynamics of the Mediterranean region? Scholars and experts from China and a number of Mediterranean countries gathered in Rome on October 28, 2019 for the ChinaMed Symposium 2019 to discuss this issue and present the ChinaMed Report 2019 – China’s New Role in the Wider Mediterranean Region.

“Pechino nel Mediterraneo. Dubbi e conferme dal ChinaMED Symposium”, articolo di Ferruccio Michelin su Formiche: https://formiche.net/2019/10/cina-mediterraneo/

“Asiatica – Quale ruolo per la Cina nel Mediterraneo? Lo studio del progetto ChinaMed”, programma radiofonico di Valeria Manieri e Francesco Radicioni su Radio Radicale: https://www.radioradicale.it/scheda/588986/asiatica-quale-ruolo-per-la-cina-nel-mediterraneo-lo-studio-del-progetto-chinamed

Enrico Fardella

Head of Project

Enrico Fardella is Research Fellow and Head of the ChinaMed project at T.wai. He is also Associate Professor at the History Department and Director of the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies at Peking University.

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