Violence & Security

Emerging trends in transnational security: from the rise of non-state actors to force privatization.

Systems in conflict, systems in peace

Jul 4, 2016 Violence & Security Lorraine Charbonnier T.notes

As a framework moving beyond the over-simplification of empirical data, “systems thinking” calls for the reconceptualization of conflict and peace

Origami – 7 aprile 2016

Apr 7, 2016 Violence & Security In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] Giuseppe Gabusi (Università di Torino), Stefano Ruzza (Università di Torino) e Fabio Armao (Università di Torino) scrivono per il numero "Oppio e democrazia. In Birmania la sfida della Lady" del settimanale Origami de La Stampa.

(Un)democracy and security in the African Great Lakes Region

Feb 15, 2016 Violence & Security Stefano Ruzza T.notes

African leaders in the Great Lakes Region are pushing democracy to its edge. The same political phenomenon, however, has produced different outcomes

Il processo di pace in Myanmar

Jan 20, 2016 Violence & Security Stefano Ruzza

Il Myanmar contiene al suo interno una realtà politica e sociale molto variegata: ci sono 135 gruppi etnici ufficialmente riconosciuti dal governo, numero che...   Read More

Non-State Challenges in a Re-Ordered World The Jackals of Westphalia

Dec 15, 2015 Violence & Security Stefano Ruzza, Anja P. Jakobi, Charles Geisler Research & Policy Papers

There is a sprawling scholarship on violence, crime, and corrupt state rule; yet few have interpreted these challenges as transformative at a global scale and as a potential source of alternative, non-state, legitimacy. This volume challenges "Westphalian conservativism" in a provocative yet plausible manner, shedding light on the ubiquity and diversity of unfolding non-state agendas and on their effects on the imaginary state community.

Human security and China’s evolving foreign policy

Dec 4, 2015 Violence & Security Gabriele Andolina T.notes

Will Beijing strike the right balance between proactively engaging with its global partners while continuing to adhere to stances of non-interference?

Military Spending in East Asia: A Growing Concern?

Nov 10, 2015 Violence & Security Stefano Ruzza, Giorgia Brucato T.notes

As East Asia grows in terms of military expenditure, T.wai’s Ruzza and Brucato call for a closer monitoring of the Asia-Pacific region

SIPRI Yearbook Summary 2015: edizione italiana

Nov 10, 2015 Violence & Security Research & Policy Papers

[IT] Dal 2011, in accordo con il SIPRI, T.wai offre al pubblico la traduzione italiana del SIPRI Yearbook Booklet.

Myanmar’s tentative renaissance

Jan 15, 2015 Violence & Security Giuseppe Gabusi, Nicholas Farrelly Research & Policy Papers

The special issue of the European Journal of East Asian Studies entirely devoted to Myanmar's transitions and co-edited by Giuseppe Gabusi and Nicholas Farrelly, respectively Head of Program and Research Fellow at T.wai, has just been released.

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