New Strategy Center – 7 February 2023

A new cooperation agreement has been established between T.wai and the New Strategy Center, a Romanian think tank specialising in foreign, defence and security policy, a non-partisan, non-governmental organisation; with the Balkans and the Black Sea space as priority areas of interest.
The objective of the memorandum of understanding is to establish a cooperative framework, which includes the organization of joint events, cooperation in various international projects, as well as the realization of analyses and studies on topics of mutual interest in the field of security and international relations. This MoU is part of T.wai’s and NSC’s efforts to develop and strengthen a network of partnerships at the European level, which would facilitate an exchange of expertise between partners with common interests in order to better understand the security challenges faced by European states in various regions.
The memorandum was signed by Prof. Anna Caffarena (President, Torino World Affairs Institute) and Mr. George Scutaru (CEO, New Strategy Center).

Stefano Ruzza

Head of Research

Stefano Ruzza is the Head of T.wai’s Violence & Security Program and an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Torino.

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