Chinese Social Sciences Net – 21 January 2021

“It is imperative that we cultivate a future-proof relationship with China. For this we need a new generation of students and researchers who can extend the knowledge base on China in Italy, and on Italy in China, especially in the social sciences. Greater capacity is essential to foster the kind of responsible engagement between Italy – and Europe more broadly – and China that can endure because it is based on both awareness and cognitive empathy. Of course, much will depend on the course of US-China relations and indeed on the domestic dynamics in China” (Giovanni B. Andornino).

Giovanni B. Andornino and Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & University of Turin) took part to the online seminar “50th Anniversary of Sino-Italian Relations”, jointly organized by the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies, directed by Enrico Fardella (T.wai & Peking University), and the Institute of Area Studies of Peking University. The event was mentioned in a report by Chinese Social Sciences Net (CSSN).

Enrico Fardella

Head of Project

Enrico Fardella is Director for Area Studies of the ChinaMed Business Program and Advisor of the ChinaMed Project. He is Associate Professor of the History Department of Peking University, Director of the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies of Peking University and Global Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center for International Scholars.

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