The Strategist – 9 February 2021

“And after last week’s coup, there’s talk of Myanmar’s newly emboldened anti-military campaigners benefiting from the tactics of the ‘milk tea alliance’, stretching from Hong Kong and Taiwan, across Thailand, and now to Myanmar. Whatever the tactics, taking on Myanmar’s military is never for the faint of heart. In recent days, the detention of an unknown number of politicians, activists and advisers is a very worrying start. Those who have been locked up and who have managed to send messages to the wider world are defiant, confident, unflinching.”

Nicholas Farrelly (T.wai & University of Tasmania) on the Myanmar crisis, for The Strategist.

Nicholas Farrelly

Research Fellow

Nicholas Farrelly is a Research Fellow at T.wai and a Professor and Head of Social Sciences at the University of Tasmania.

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