The National News – 16 February 2024

“If Beijing appears to score so many important diplomatic points in this moment, it is because, regardless of its motivations, it is taking a stance that is not uniquely Chinese. Chinese diplomats and policymakers have condemned violence against civilians, called for an immediate ceasefire plus the provision of humanitarian aid, as well as a revitalisation of a timetabled peace process based on a land-for-peace formula.

This is a set of positions that is largely in accord with the global consensus or, at least, with those of a very large number of countries that simply do not agree with Israeli military actions and American support for them. In other words, China is not an extremist outlier.”

“What is China’s real position on the Israel-Gaza war?”, an analysis made by Andrea Ghiselli (T.wai & Fudan University) and Mohammed Alsudairi for The National News.

Andrea Ghiselli

Research Fellow

Andrea Ghiselli is a non-resident Research Fellow at T.wai and an Assistant Professor of International Relations and Public Affairs at Fudan University (Shanghai).

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