Beirut blast disaster response: international aid and grassroots mobilization

Despite rapid intervention and a high level of community engagement, the scale of the damage suffered by the city of Beirut goes beyond the scope of the humanitarian response.

The COVID-19 crucible: health and national security in failed states

The dysfunction of the US health care system, dramatized during the current COVID-19 pandemic, is a strong indicator of a failed state.

Protecting China’s Interests Overseas

Andrea Ghiselli (T.wai & Fudan University) is the author of the book “Protecting China’s Interests Overseas”, the first scholarly book-sized study that explores and pinpoints in a systematic way the origin and evolution of China’s approach to defending its interests overseas, and the use of its military to do so.

Armed non-state actors: a brief attempt at a portrayal

Armed non-state actors (ANSAs) are today’s new front lines of global peace and security. To deal with this, we will need political rather than military solutions. And we will need greater international cooperation – not another Cold War.

Human Security | Report 2016-2019

[EN] Human Security (HS) is a quarterly journal investigating the extended concept of security and the human dimension of conflict. This report offers an overview of the HS issues published between 2016 and 2019, summarising the insights of a rich group of renown scholars, seasoned practitioners, junior researchers and activists on some of the most critical topics in the field of peace and security.

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