Whither EU–Russia Relations?

Today, relations between Russia and the European Union are in a deep and protracted crisis: what started as a project of high hopes, ambitions and enthusiasm in the early 1990s is now associated with deep disappointment, despite the geographical proximity and economic interdependence that arguably compel both sides to cooperate. Why has the relationship between Russia and the EU deteriorated so quickly and seemingly irreversibly – at least in the short and medium term?

Combating insecurity through membership? Gang girls in Medellín, Colombia

Membership provides young women with a feeling of belonging, a social space that offers them the opportunity to gain self-esteem and to position themselves in a harsh society.

Fine di un’era? Traguardi e prospettive dopo quarant’anni di riforme e apertura

[IT] Dicembre 1978: a due anni dalla morte di Mao, l’11° Comitato centrale del Partito comunista cinese nella sua terza sessione plenaria conferma l’inizio di una nuova fase di riforme e apertura al mondo. Deng Xiaoping, artefice del nuovo indirizzo politico pur non rivestendo le cariche apicali, incita i dirigenti cinesi a “emancipare la mente”, studiando economia, management e discipline tecniche e scientifiche. Quarant’anni dopo, all’inizio di un’altra “nuova era” sotto la guida di Xi Jinping è tempo di bilanci, confronti e riflessioni sulle nuove ambizioni della Cina.

Cambodian Perspective on China

In Phnom Penh, China is regarded as the core economic and strategic partner as Cambodia seeks to diversify its sources of economic growth, modernize, connect its infrastructure, and integrate its economy with the region and the world at large.

Hovering between peace and war: the elections in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The elections represent a crossroads: they might bring some sort of stability, essential for rebuilding the country, or they might exacerbate the existing conflict dynamics, plunging the country back into civil war.

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