La transizione interna ed esterna della Cina: quali implicazioni per il resto del mondo?

This paper examines the transformation of the Chinese economy and its impact on China’s global interactions, as well as the reciprocal effects. China is now taking a more proactive role on the world stage, exemplified by initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative and its participation in the RCEP. Additionally, China is upgrading its production capabilities, shifting from low-value-added to more sophisticated products, positioning itself as a leader in industries such as ICT. This evolving role of China is perceived as a threat, especially by the United States. However, complete decoupling from the Chinese economy proves exceedingly challenging due to the interconnectedness of global supply chains. Many countries still view China as a significant opportunity rather than solely a threat.

L’articolo integrale (in italiano) è disponibile sul sito dedicato alla rivista OrizzonteCina.

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