L’industria dei semiconduttori in Cina: tendenze nella attuale “chip war”

This short study delves into the complex semiconductor industry dynamics amidst global trade and geopolitical tensions. Valued at over 500 billion US dollars, expected to reach 1 trillion by 2030, the sector is crucial for AI, autonomous driving, and 5G. We examine China’s quest for tech leadership, seen in Made in China 2025 Plan and Integrated Circuits (ICs) industrial policies developed so far. While China advances in chipmaking, challenges arise in high-end domestic production. The US-China analysis of trade flows shows significant imports of Electronic integrated circuits and Machines for semiconductor manufacturing from the US. Reduced ICs imports result from trade sanctions and self-reliance emphasis. The US plays a vital role in supplying China’s semiconductor-related products, creating tech dependency. Overall, China’s semiconductor value chain lags behind the US, driving indigenous development. Seen in the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Law on Science and Technology Progress, China aims to overcome Western restrictions, although challenges remain in achieving sustainable self-reliance.

L’articolo integrale (in italiano) è disponibile sul sito dedicato alla rivista OrizzonteCina.

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