La Cina vista da un pubblico strategico italiano

This paper presents the results of an original survey of the opinions on China held by a strategic attentive Italian public, that of university students of Chinese language and International Relations. This particular public is disproportionately more likely than other members of Italian society to play a seminal role in the future development of Italy-China relations, which are currently experiencing a re-boot after the end of a decade of intense engagement. Alongside a description of data emerging from the 1.072-strong sample, assembled employing a non-standard method of purposeful sampling, a statistical analysis is offered, which points to the correlation between personal experience on the field in China, as well as the perception of personal economic stakes connected with China’e economic progress, and a positive opinion of China.

L’articolo integrale (in italiano) è disponibile sul sito dedicato alla rivista OrizzonteCina.

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