Book Review

Mahbubani K., J. Sng, (2017) The ASEAN Miracle. A Catalyst for Peace, Singapore: NUS Press. In 1993, The World Bank entitled its annual Development...   Read More

Bilateral Relations between Viet Nam and Italy

  In recent years, relations between Italy and ASEAN countries, including Viet Nam, have continued to develop fruitfully and productively. 2018 proved to be...   Read More

Thailand and Italy: Old Friends, New Possibilities

  Thailand and Italy celebrated the 150th anniversary of the establishment of their diplomatic ties in 2018. On 3 October 1868, representatives of Their...   Read More

The Philippine Ambassador’s View on Philippine-Italian Economic Relations

  Philippine-Italian co-operation has grown over the years since the establishment of diplomatic relations on 9 July 1947. The relationship has gradually expanded across...   Read More

Myanmar-Italy Encounters

  Myanmar is located in the Southeast Asian peninsula, one of the ten ASEAN member countries. It shares its borders with five countries, including...   Read More

Italy and Malaysia Relations: Opportunities for the Future

  Relations between Malaysia and Italy have always had good momentum and have escalated positively since 1957. The past 62 years have been productive...   Read More

Ambassador’s Overview on Indonesian–Italian Relations

Indonesia, situated in Southeast Asia, is the world’s largest archipelagic country, comprising around 17,000 islands and inhabited by almost 260 million people, making Indonesia...   Read More

Sustaining the Planet for our Future Generations

In the digital age and in the present context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), we often hear about ‘big data’ and the ‘Internet...   Read More

A Trap on the Road to High Income in ASEAN

Looking at the world economy through the lenses of the Gross National Income (GNI) per-capita it is possible to identify four categories. The first...   Read More

Reducing the infrastructure gap in the ASEAN region: Public-Private Partnership and the Belt and Road Initiative

The need for infrastructure in Asia has significantly grown. The Asian Development Bank (ABD) has estimated this need to be USD2.8 trillion between 2016...   Read More

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      ChinaMed Business Program (CMBP) 2019

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