T.wai's T.notes are 2-page texts that address the major issues of international debate at the global and regional level, building a broad involvement in the high levels of politics and experts of the major teams of research centers at the international level.

The PLA reform and civil-military relations in China
T.note n.11

May 10, 2016 T.notes Simone Dossi Global China

PLA reforms raise new questions on Xi’s strengthened role as Commander in Chief, shedding light on how the CPC is enhancing its control of the gun

Where’s the crisis in China’s legal system?
T.note n.10

Apr 21, 2016 T.notes Flora Sapio Global China

China’s judicial reform needs to be evaluated against the background of the country’s constitutional tradition

China’s growing engagement in Africa: implications for Italy-Ethiopia relations
T.note n.9

Apr 15, 2016 T.notes Anna Paola Quaglia Global China

Striking a balance between ambition and agenda-setting, Italy reengages Ethiopia, also coming to terms with Beijing’s closer ties to Addis Abeba

On discursive game changers
T.note n.8

Mar 20, 2016 T.notes Anna Caffarena Global China

Words like “Multipolarity”, “BRICS”, and “Concert” have the power to produce change within the realm of Politics and International Relations

Economic performance and evolving foreign policy: the effects of China’s military reforms
T.note n.7

Mar 10, 2016 T.notes Andrea Ghiselli Global China

Is China’s economic slowdown set to affect Xi Jinping’s overhaul of the armed forces? T.wai’s Andrea Ghiselli offers his take on the issue

(Un)democracy and security in the African Great Lakes Region
T.note n.6

Feb 15, 2016 T.notes Stefano Ruzza Violence & Security

African leaders in the Great Lakes Region are pushing democracy to its edge. The same political phenomenon, however, has produced different outcomes

Myanmar’s multiple transitions
T.note n.5

Dec 15, 2015 T.notes Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

Myanmar’s NLD has won popular mandate, but is now confronted with having to deliver on its promises under the de facto guidance of Aung San Suu Kyi

Human security and China’s evolving foreign policy
T.note n.4

Dec 4, 2015 T.notes Gabriele Andolina Global China Violence & Security

Will Beijing strike the right balance between proactively engaging with its global partners while continuing to adhere to stances of non-interference?

Military Spending in East Asia: A Growing Concern?
T.note n.3

Nov 10, 2015 T.notes Stefano Ruzza, Giorgia Brucato Global China Asia Prospects Violence & Security

As East Asia grows in terms of military expenditure, T.wai’s Ruzza and Brucato call for a closer monitoring of the Asia-Pacific region

Turkey’s forthcoming elections as seen from Beijing
T.note n.2

Oct 16, 2015 T.notes Martina Poletti Global China

Interviewing Prof. Zan from PKU’s Center for Mediterranean Area Studies, T.wai’s Martina Poletti takes a closer look to Sino-Turkish relations

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