Collection of policy notes addressing the major issues driving international debate at the global level


T.wai's T.notes are 2-page texts that address the major issues of international debate at the global and regional level, building a broad involvement in the high levels of politics and experts of the major teams of research centers at the international level.
T.note n.81

The contribution of civil society organizations in responding to terrorism in Uganda

Violence & Security T.notes

Among its major findings, the research pointed out that a dual and dynamic response to terrorism exists, affecting the agency of both state and non-state actors.

Jan 23, 2020
T.note n.80 - RISE series #24

After the election: between historical invariance and new scenarios in Indonesia

Asia Prospects T.notes

Indonesian President Jokowi has appointed his rival, former Army Lieutenant General Prabowo, as defense minister. While Jokowi has understood correctly how to navigate the intricate context of Indonesian politics, the role of the military, and the interplay of ethnicity and religion remain open issues for future scenarios in the country.

Nov 27, 2019
T.note n.79 - RISE series #23

From the TPP 12 to the TPP 11 and competition with the RCEP

Asia Prospects T.notes

Whether the TPP raises RCEP's future standards will depend on the success and international image of China's capitalism, and on Washington's regional influence.

Jun 6, 2019
T.note n.78 - HS series #12

Increasing public confidence and satisfaction in policing through a victim-centred approach: a pilot project in Kosovo

Violence & Security T.notes

In the context of SSR programmes, the victim-centred approach not only changes the way policing institutions evaluate their capacity to address citizens’ concerns, but more importantly it shifts the focus of these evaluations, from the police to the victims.

May 6, 2019
T.note n.77 - HS series #11

Whither EU–Russia Relations?

Violence & Security T.notes

Today, relations between Russia and the European Union are in a deep and protracted crisis: what started as a project of high hopes, ambitions and enthusiasm in the early 1990s is now associated with deep disappointment, despite the geographical proximity and economic interdependence that arguably compel both sides to cooperate.…

Apr 8, 2019
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