Collection of policy notes addressing the major issues driving international debate at the global level


T.wai's T.notes are 2-page texts that address the major issues of international debate at the global and regional level, building a broad involvement in the high levels of politics and experts of the major teams of research centers at the international level.
T.note n.15

Systems in conflict, systems in peace

Violence & Security T.notes

As a framework moving beyond the over-simplification of empirical data, “systems thinking” calls for the reconceptualization of conflict and peace

Jul 4, 2016
T.note n.14

Perspective on the difficult evolution of the China-Europe security and defense relationship

Global China T.notes

The need to achieve common goals in the MENA region drives China and Europe closer. Shared commitment, however, appears to be merely rhetorical

Jul 1, 2016
T.note n.13

China and India within the G20 and BRICS international forums

Global China Asia Prospects T.notes

Sino-Indian relations amidst cooperation and competition: what do the upcoming G20 and BRICS Summits hold for Asia’s key players?

Jun 27, 2016
T.note n.12

From rogue tiger to global player: China’s foreign NGO management law

Global China T.notes

By legislating on the activities of foreign NGOs operating in the PRC, Beijing takes important steps toward becoming a global norm-shaper

May 21, 2016
T.note n.11

The PLA reform and civil-military relations in China

Global China T.notes

PLA reforms raise new questions on Xi’s strengthened role as Commander in Chief, shedding light on how the CPC is enhancing its control of the gun

May 10, 2016
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