Collection of policy notes addressing the major issues driving international debate at the global level


T.wai's T.notes are 2-page texts that address the major issues of international debate at the global and regional level, building a broad involvement in the high levels of politics and experts of the major teams of research centers at the international level.
T.note n.46 - HS series #6

The Politics of Conflict-Generated Diasporas

Violence & Security T.notes

Diasporas originating from conflict are the ones that have received the most attention, making the study of conflict-generated diasporas all the more necessary.

Oct 31, 2017
T.note n.45 - CMBP series #6

The Belt one Road Initiative: a Project Made of Paper or Cement?

Global China T.notes

While departing from the idea of merely being an "updated" version of the Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative seems to have grown out of hand.

Oct 24, 2017
T.note n.44 - RISE series #9

Local conflict resolution strategies and unequal access to justice in Mon State

Asia Prospects T.notes

In search for help, the muslim residents of Burma no longer rely on allegedly corrupt institutions, turning to their personal connections instead.

Oct 4, 2017
T.note n.43 - RISE series #8

The BCIM Economic Corridor and Chinese investments in Myanmar

Asia Prospects T.notes

Asia's regionalization trend led to the formulation of numerous economic cooperation initiatives. These, however, often lack a clear implementation strategy.

Sep 27, 2017
T.note n.42 - RISE series #7

The Arakan/Rohingya Crisis

Asia Prospects T.notes

Several major confrontations have occurred in Arakan since World War II, creating lasting distrust between the followers of different religious creeds. These conflicts are related to issues which all have their roots deep in the country’s past.

Sep 23, 2017
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