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Health or business? The trade-off between COVID-19 containment and economic growth in the ASEAN region
Asia Prospects Snapshot n. 3

Dec 14, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Luca Sartorelli Asia Prospects

Ma Ma Lwin is a talented Myanmar entrepreneur. With her gentle manners and her ‘light version’ of Myanmar dishes, intercepting the Western tastes of a growing group of expats willing to experience the local food, she has transformed an abandoned rooftop in a Muslim district near downtown Yangon into a successful restaurant. In early 2020, it was time for her to scale up. With the money she had earned, she opened a new restaurant in the heart of the old city, paying advance rent for the whole year. But as Yangon enters its ninth month of lockdown, and expats have left the country en masse, Ma Ma Lwin is now nearly broke.

Under pressure: the end of free trade as we know it and the future of the liberal order
Quaderni di Scienza politica 1, 2020

Nov 9, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & University of Turin) is the author of the article "Under pressure: the end of free trade as we know it and the future of the liberal order", published by Quaderni di Scienza politica (Il Mulino).

L’altra storia della Birmania. Una distopia del XXI secolo
add editore

Oct 28, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

[IT] La postfazione di Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università degli Studi di Torino) per il libro di Thant Myint-U "L'altra storia della Birmania. Una distopia del XXI secolo", pubblicato da add editore e supportato da T.wai.

Agricultural machinery: opportunities for Italian producers in the ASEAN region
Asia Prospects Business n. 3

Oct 19, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Luca Sartorelli Asia Prospects

Agriculture and agribusiness still represent a crucial slice of most ASEAN member countries’ GDP. However, the sector is changing, increasingly leaving behind traditional, labour-intensive production and transformation processes in favour of more advanced and highly technological practices. And it is looking for partners.

La Cina: sviluppi interni, proiezione esterna
Osservatorio Politico Internazionale della Repubblica Italiana

Oct 13, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Giovanni B. Andornino, Edoardo Agamennone, Daniele Brigadoi Cologna, Daniele Brombal, Anna Caffarena, Francesca Celi, Carlotta Clivio, Simone Dossi, Enrico Fardella, Giuseppe Gabusi, Valeria Garbui, Andrea Ghiselli, Maria Grazia Giuffrida, Elisa Giunipero, Simona A. Grano, Emma Lupano, Virginia Mariano, Raimondo Neironi, Martina Poletti, Giorgio Prodi, Arianna Ponzini, Francesco Silvestri, Anastas Vangeli Global China

[IT] È online il nuovo Approfondimento “La Cina: sviluppi interni, proiezione esterna” realizzato per l'Osservatorio di Politica Internazionale da T.wai in collaborazione con il Centro Luigi Bobbio per la ricerca sociale pubblica e applicata, progetto d’eccellenza del Dipartimento di Culture, Politica e Società dell'Università degli Studi di Torino.

Protecting China’s Interests Overseas
Oxford University Press

Sep 23, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Andrea Ghiselli Global China

Andrea Ghiselli (T.wai & Fudan University) is the author of the book "Protecting China's Interests Overseas", the first scholarly book-sized study that explores and pinpoints in a systematic way the origin and evolution of China's approach to defending its interests overseas, and the use of its military to do so.

Industrial Policy and Special Economic Zones: Engaging Transformation in a Globalised World
Myanmar. Politics, Economy and Society. Routledge (September 2020)

Sep 15, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Giuseppe Gabusi Asia Prospects

Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & University of Torino) and Michele Boario (T.wai & United Nations Industrial Development Organization) are authors of the article "Industrial Policy and Special Economic Zones: Engaging Transformation in a Globalised World" in the first edition of "Myanmar. Politics, Economy and Society", an overview of the complex historical and ethnic dynamics that have shaped contemporary Myanmar, edited by Adam Simpson and Nicholas Farrelly.

SIPRI Yearbook Summary 2020: edizione italiana
SIPRI Yearbook Summary 2020

Sep 10, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Violence & Security

[IT] Questa 51a edizione del SIPRI Yearbook testimonia il continuo deterioramento delle condizioni di stabilità internazionale. Questo trend si riflette nel continuo aumento della spesa militare e nel valore stimato dei trasferimenti di armi a livello globale. La crisi del controllo delle armi è diventata cronica e sempre più tossica per la geopolitica mondiale e le rivalità regionali. Rimane ancora alto il numero di conflitti armati in tutto il mondo, con pochi segni di soluzioni negoziate all’orizzonte.

Piracy and the Privatisation of Maritime Security. Vessel Protection Policies Compared
Palgrave Macmillan

Aug 24, 2020 Research & Policy Papers Eugenio Cusumano, Stefano Ruzza Violence & Security

In their book, Eugenio Cusumano (Leiden University) and Stefano Ruzza (T.wai & University of Turin) draw a compared analysis of the extensive use of Private Military and Security Companies on merchant ships and its consequences.

Economy and organizations outlook 2025: four scenarios with global and local (Singapore) focus
Asia Prospects Snapshot n. 2

Jul 31, 2020 Research & Policy Papers K. M. Saqiful Alam Asia Prospects

How the world will look in future is a topic of interest for all of us, whether we want to make smart investment choices, prepare for the unexpected or create art. We understand that the future is shaped by our choices and by the trends and forces that are set in motion today. These are the driving forces. Some driving forces have greater impact, affecting all levels of society and causing substantial changes, while with some others there is a high level of uncertainty as to what their impact and their future relevance may be.

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