ASEAN seen from China: a non-mainstream view of a necessary relationship

It would be erroneous to see Southeast Asia as little more than an object for strategic competition between Beijing, on one hand, and Washington and its allies, on the other.

The Politics of Conflict-Generated Diasporas

Diasporas originating from conflict are the ones that have received the most attention, making the study of conflict-generated diasporas all the more necessary.

L’urbanizzazione in Cina: traguardi e nuove sfide

[IT] I cambiamenti portati in Cina dall’urbanizzazione: avanzando rapidamente, le città inglobano le campagne e ristrutturano al contempo le relazioni fra esseri umani e fra questi e l’ambiente naturale.

The Belt one Road Initiative: a Project Made of Paper or Cement?

While departing from the idea of merely being an “updated” version of the Silk Road, the Belt and Road Initiative seems to have grown out of hand.

Local conflict resolution strategies and unequal access to justice in Mon State

In search for help, the muslim residents of Burma no longer rely on allegedly corrupt institutions, turning to their personal connections instead.

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