The Myanmar Workshop – Building New Research Capacity

May 30, 2017 to May 31, 2017 3:30 PM - 12:30 PM

The Myanmar Workshop in Turin

Building New Research Capacity

Convened by

Giuseppe Gabusi (University of Turin and T.wai)

Stefano Ruzza (University of Turin and T.wai)

Nicholas Farrelly (Australian National University, T.wai and University of Turin)

With the participation of

Fabio Armao (University of Turin, T.wai)

David Brenner (University of Surrey)

Anna Caffarena (University of Turin, T.wai)

Lorraine Charbonnier (T.wai)

Karin Dean (Tallinn University)

Alexandra de Mersan (INALCO)

Simone Dossi (University of Milan, T.wai)

Gabriele Giovannini (Northumbria University, T.wai)

Naomi Hellmann (Max Planck Institute)

Ma Khin Mar Mar Kyi (University of Oxford)

Patrick Meehan (SOAS)

Davide Pellegrino (University of Turin)

Anja-Désirée Senz (University of Heidelberg)

The workshop is open to interested members of the public.

Location: Room N. 33, 3rd Floor, Sector D2,

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