SEMINAR: Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar

May 23, 2017 4:00 PM

Nicholas FARRELLY (Australian National University) will discuss with Giusebbe Gabusi and Stefano Ruzza


Few countries in the world have experienced the extraordinary path taken by Myanmar over the past few years. After five decades of military rule, national elections in 2010 reinstated legislative influence and ushered in an era of political and economical reforms that are having far reaching impacts. The Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Myanmar provides a comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the political, economic and social issues to confront Myanmar. It is divided into 7 parts:

  • Fundamentals
  • Spaces
  • Cultures
  • Living
  • Governance
  • International
  • Challenges

In this seminar, Dr. Nicholas Farrelly, one of the editors of this volume, will talk about the overall picture of political change in Myanmar. He will also focus on his own substantiative chapters in this book, which are both about the creation of new spatial logics in Myanmar’s capital city, Naypyitaw, and its anomalous, peripheral zones.

Location: Campus

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