Myanmar After the Coup: Resistance, Resilience & Re-invention

30 November 2022 11.00 CET - 12.30 CET
Bangkok Art & Culture Centre
Rama I Road, 939 | | Thailand

In February 2021, Myanmar’s armed forces took power in a coup d’état. By re-instating military dominance, Myanmar’s generals ended a short period when they shared some power with the National League for Democracy (NLD). For now, Myanmar’s post-coup trajectory remains uncertain. One year after the coup (February 2022), the international conference organized by the Torino World Affairs Institute focused on the practicalities of understanding and engaging a deeply contested political reality. What are the perspectives of a return to the polls in the short-medium period? Which international actors can influence the course of events? To what extent has the coup impacted on Myanmar’s fragile economy? The e-book to be commented and launched in this session presents a collection of essays from economics to political perspectives about the coup and the long-term consequences for Myanmar.

Join us for the book launch of “Myanmar After the Coup: Resistance, Resilience & Re-invention” (T.wai, 2022) edited by Giuseppe Gabusi and Raimondo Neironi at the Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre (BACC).

The launch is taking place as part of the K4DM KNOWLEDGE MARKETPLACE – Bangkok 2022: Exchanging of ideas for a Democratic Myanmar, which will be held on Friday, Nov 25 – Sunday, Dec 4, 2022, at Bangkok Arts and Cultural Centre (BACC).

Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai)
Lia Rosalia Sciortino (SEA Junction)
Mai Van Tran (Nordic Institute of Asian Studies)
Burmese speakers (protected)

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