Roger Mac Ginty

Roger Mac Ginty is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Manchester.


Historicising Peace and Conflict Studies: the problems of thinking that the world began in 1989

Oct 23, 2020 Roger Mac Ginty T.notes

For understandable reasons, we often focus on immediate problems. But we risk overlooking important parts of the evidential trail if we do not try to understand the long-term processes that account for present-day circumstances.

Working from the ground up – Everyday peace indicators

Oct 24, 2016 Roger Mac Ginty T.notes

Roger Mac Ginty and Pamina Firchow elaborate on the Everyday Peace Indicators project, illustrating what do terms like “peace” and “security” mean to post-conflict societies.

Pace e insicurezza nella vita quotidiana: il progetto “Everyday Peace Indicators”

Jul 25, 2016 Roger Mac Ginty, Pamina Firchow

Governi, organizzazioni internazionali, ONG e accademici ricorrono a metodi diversi per misurare guerra e pace. Molti di questi si basano su fonti ufficiali, quali...   Read More

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