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Vietnam’s active diplomacy to engage with China’s increasing regional presence

Sep 10, 2018 Asia Prospects Pham Sy Thanh T.notes

China’s increased ‘soft power’ in terms of economic and cultural relations in Southeast Asia clearly presents a great opportunity for Vietnam while posing new challenges in terms of security, politics and diplomacy.

Ordine e mutamento nel Sud-est asiatico

Jul 26, 2018 Asia Prospects RISE

La riconfigurazione in atto dell’ordine mondiale non risparmia il Sud-est asiatico. In questo numero di RISE TJ Pempel, uno dei più noti studiosi statunitensi...   Read More

It’s Complicated: Singapore–China Relations, an Overview

Jul 16, 2018 Asia Prospects Ja Ian Chong T.notes

To the extent that Beijing accepts an open and inclusive Southeast Asia as well as established and binding rules, the Singapore–PRC relationship is likely to continue smoothly.

Reshaping the Regional Trade Order without the United States

Jun 15, 2018 Asia Prospects T. J. Pempel T.notes

The decision to withdraw the US from TPP is therefore but one trade specific component of the broader self-isolation of the US from the Asia-Pacific more generally.

New Zealand’s Multilateralism Does not Exclude China

May 4, 2018 Asia Prospects Nicholas Borroz T.notes

With BRI, New Zealand will examine options to use the project not just to deepen ties with China, but also to deepen ties with other countries along the BRI “spoke” where it is located.

The India–China Tango in Southeast Asia

Apr 17, 2018 Asia Prospects Smita Sharma T.notes

While objecting strongly to New Delhi joining ASEAN, Beijing keeps a close eye on India’s deepening ties with bloc members and with oil and gas exploration drives in the littoral states of the South China Sea.

La Malaysia prima del voto

Apr 10, 2018 Asia Prospects RISE

[IT] Entro l’estate, in Malaysia si svolgeranno le elezioni politiche. Qual è la situazione nel Paese? Quali sono i punti di forza e di fragilità su cui i cittadini malaysiani saranno chiamati a pronunciarsi? In questo nuovo numero monografico, RISE dedica un’approfondita analisi alle sfide future che attendono la Malaysia.

China, Malaysia, and the Belt and Road Initiative: the case of the East Coast Rail Link

Mar 26, 2018 Asia Prospects Guanie Lim T.notes

Beijing needs to understand that projects that do not add value to the recipient state (in this case, Malaysia) are bound to reinforce the perception that Chinese-led initiatives are self-serving in nature.

Myanmar under the National League for Democracy: will China be a close partner again?

Feb 28, 2018 Asia Prospects Chaw Chaw Sein T.notes

In order for Myanmar to meet its domestic needs, it will remain important for it to be partnered by China in its economic, political and security interests under the new, democratic NLD-led civilian government.

Rai Radio 3 – 19 febbraio 2018

Feb 27, 2018 Asia Prospects In the media Anna Caffarena

[IT] Anna Caffarena (Università degli Studi di Torino) interviene nella puntata “La corsa al riarmo tra Fuoco e Furia, nel (dis)ordine mondiale” su Rai Radio 3.

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