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Economy and organizations outlook 2025: four scenarios with global and local (Singapore) focus

Jul 31, 2020 Asia Prospects K. M. Saqiful Alam Research & Policy Papers

How the world will look in future is a topic of interest for all of us, whether we want to make smart investment choices, prepare for the unexpected or create art. We understand that the future is shaped by our choices and by the trends and forces that are set in motion today. These are the driving forces. Some driving forces have greater impact, affecting all levels of society and causing substantial changes, while with some others there is a high level of uncertainty as to what their impact and their future relevance may be.

L’economia italiana dopo il COVID-19

Jul 29, 2020 Asia Prospects Giuseppe Gabusi, Giorgio Prodi Research & Policy Papers

[IT] Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università di Torino) e Giorgio Prodi (T.wai & Università di Ferrara) nell’articolo "Presa nel mezzo? Italia e Cina dopo il COVID-19”, contenuto nel volume "L'economia italiana dopo il COVID-19. Come ricominciare a crescere?” (a cura di G. Bellettini e A. Goldstein, Bononia University Press).

Il Sole 24 Ore – 22 luglio 2020

Jul 22, 2020 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università di Torino) parla del progetto TOASEAN e del programma di formazione TOAsia Export Training sul blog Nòva de Il Sole 24 Ore.

Il “Vicino Nord” dell’Australia

Jul 22, 2020 Asia Prospects RISE

[IT] Geograficamente isolata dal resto del continente asiatico, eppure costretta a fare i conti con il suo “Near North”, l’Australia è legata al Sud-Est asiatico più di quanto si possa immaginare. Se durante la Guerra fredda lo spettro di una crescita dell’influenza comunista nella regione indusse Canberra a contribuire al processo di stabilizzazione dell’arco meridionale asiatico, con la fine della contesa bipolare, la cooperazione tra l’Australia e il suo vicinato si è persino rafforzata.

The AIIB in the post-pandemic world

Jul 16, 2020 Asia Prospects Dario Di Conzo T.notes

On April 16th the Bank announced the establishment of a ‘COVID-19 Crisis Recovery Facility’ to ‘support AIIB’s members and clients in alleviating and mitigating economic and public health pressures arising from COVID-19’.

The International Spectator – 15 July 2020

Jul 15, 2020 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

The research article written by Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & University of Torino) on The International Spectator - Italian Journal of International Affairs focusses on "China’s Structural Power and the Fate of the BCIM Economic Corridor”.

Edge Hill University Blog – 2 July 2020

Jul 2, 2020 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

An excerpt written by Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & University of Torino) and Giorgio Prodi (T.wai & University of Ferrara) included in “Italy After COVID-19”, a forthcoming book edited by Andrea Goldstein and Giorgio Bellettini.

Affaritaliani & China Files – 25 giugno 2020

Jun 25, 2020 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] Intervista sul futuro della globalizzazione nel post-COVID-19 concessa da Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università di Torino) ad Affaritaliani e China Files.

What Italian agripreneurs need to know about the agrifood sector in the ASEAN region

Jun 24, 2020 Asia Prospects Luca Sartorelli Research & Policy Papers

A larger population and increased purchasing power have led to substantial growth in global demand for food in recent decades. While the contribution of agriculture to world GDP has, with very few exceptions (i.e., Ethiopia and Argentina), seen a constant decline, agrifood production has increased significantly since the end of World War II, and it is expected to double by 2050.1 More efficient farm structures, technological innovations and better inputs are among the major contributors to this global miracle.

The AIIB – rapid response and flexibility: containing COVID-19

Jun 15, 2020 Asia Prospects Gregory T. Chin T.notes

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, one looks for new signs of hope, new options for managing the exposed vulnerabilities. Euromoney wrote recently that COVID-19 is giving the new Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) an opportunity to prove its value to the world. From his office in Beijing, the AIIB president, Jin Liqun, has stated that ‘this is a litmus test of our ability to deal with a crisis and emergency’. But what does this mean?

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