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Fleecy clouds: the future and the past of IPOs in mainland China

Feb 10, 2021 Asia Prospects Alessandro Bonfratello Research & Policy Papers

Mainland China’s capital markets are not entirely akin to their Western counterparts: the regulator of the two stock exchanges (the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, or CSRC) is directly affiliated with the government; the main players are state-owned enterprises (SOEs) rather than private corporations; and political and economic stability are prioritized over the liberalization of market forces. Recently, the connection between politics and financial markets has been under global scrutiny due to the blockage of the IPO of Ant Group, magnate Jack Ma’s fintech giant, by Chinese elites fearing an excessive risk of volatility.

The Strategist – 9 February 2021

Feb 9, 2021 Asia Prospects In the media Nicholas Farrelly

Nicholas Farrelly (T.wai & University of Tasmania) on the Myanmar crisis, for The Strategist.

Radio Radicale – 9 febbraio 2021

Feb 9, 2021 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] Il commento di Giuseppe Gabusi sulla crisi in Myanmar per la rubrica "Asiatica" di Radio Radicale.

Rai Radio1 – 2 febbraio 2021

Feb 2, 2021 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università degli Studi di Torino) interviene ai microfoni di Radio anch'io, per Rai Radio1.

China Files – 1 febbraio 2021

Feb 1, 2021 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] L'articolo di Giulio Pugliese scritto per RISE 5.3 "Il Giappone nel Sud-Est asiatico" viene rilanciato da China Files.

Myanmar: the right place to be in the next decade?

Jan 25, 2021 Asia Prospects Luca Sartorelli Research & Policy Papers

If one takeaway of the Myanmar election of 2020 is the unquestioned adoration of the country for its icon Aung San Suu Kyi, another is surely the West’s poor understanding of this country, its ethos and its complex history. From August, while international journalists, consultants and political analysts were busy forecasting chaotic scenarios of a weakened NLD (the National League for Democracy, the party of Aung San Suu Kyi), and speculating about unlikely coalitions with ethnic and military-backed parties, a red river of NLD flags, T-shirts and stickers (including red face masks) was flooding every corner of Myanmar, with flocks of young supporters celebrating Suu Kyi’s success weeks before the election day.

Chinese Social Sciences Net – 21 January 2021

Jan 22, 2021 Asia Prospects In the media Enrico Fardella

Giovanni B. Andornino and Giuseppe Gabusi took part to the online seminar “50th Anniversary of Sino-Italian Relations”, jointly organized by the Center for Mediterranean Area Studies, directed by Enrico Fardella, and the Institute of Area Studies of Peking University. The event was mentioned in a report by Chinese Social Sciences Net (CSSN). 

Treccani – 29 dicembre 2020

Dec 29, 2020 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] L'intervista di Giuseppe Gabusi (T.wai & Università degli Studi di Torino) sulla Regional comprehensive economic partnership, rilasciata ad Andrea De Pascale per Treccani.

Il Giappone nel Sud-Est asiatico

Dec 22, 2020 Asia Prospects RISE

[IT] Il Sud-Est asiatico è un’area geografica di grande importanza per il Giappone. Dal punto di vista economico, l’ASEAN è il principale partner commerciale di Tokyo dopo la Cina e gli Stati Uniti, nonché uno dei centri nevralgici delle catene globali del valore per fornitori e reti di imprese giapponesi. Negli ultimi anni, come ha dimostrato il recente summit bilaterale tra il Giappone e l’ASEAN, l’attenzione nipponica verso la regione è suscitata dalla volontà di controbilanciare la presenza cinese nelle reti infrastrutturali e dalla necessità di incrementare le relazioni politiche e culturali.

Health or business? The trade-off between COVID-19 containment and economic growth in the ASEAN region

Dec 14, 2020 Asia Prospects Luca Sartorelli Research & Policy Papers

Ma Ma Lwin is a talented Myanmar entrepreneur. With her gentle manners and her ‘light version’ of Myanmar dishes, intercepting the Western tastes of a growing group of expats willing to experience the local food, she has transformed an abandoned rooftop in a Muslim district near downtown Yangon into a successful restaurant. In early 2020, it was time for her to scale up. With the money she had earned, she opened a new restaurant in the heart of the old city, paying advance rent for the whole year. But as Yangon enters its ninth month of lockdown, and expats have left the country en masse, Ma Ma Lwin is now nearly broke.

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