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La Stampa – 28 novembre 2017

Nov 28, 2017 Asia Prospects In the media

[IT] Andrea Tornielli cita la rivista RISE Vol. 2 N. 3 (luglio 2017), nel suo articolo “Francesco e la fragile democrazia del Myanmar” su La Stampa.

Between the lines of Australia’s Chinese influence debate

Nov 27, 2017 Asia Prospects Sam Hardwick T.notes

The words “Chinese influence” have become shorthand for a multitude of hot-button issues that are starting to affect Australian perceptions of China’s power.

ASEAN seen from China: a non-mainstream view of a necessary relationship

Nov 10, 2017 Asia Prospects Zha Daojiong T.notes

It would be erroneous to see Southeast Asia as little more than an object for strategic competition between Beijing, on one hand, and Washington and its allies, on the other.

AgiChina – 4 ottobre 2017

Oct 9, 2017 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] "La situazione politica e dei diritti umani in Cambogia, la Cina e il sud est asiatico", Giuseppe Gabusi (Università degli Studi di Torino) interviene su Radio Radicale.

Local conflict resolution strategies and unequal access to justice in Mon State

Oct 4, 2017 Asia Prospects Annika Pohl Harrisson T.notes

In search for help, the muslim residents of Burma no longer rely on allegedly corrupt institutions, turning to their personal connections instead.

The BCIM Economic Corridor and Chinese investments in Myanmar

Sep 27, 2017 Asia Prospects Anja Senz T.notes

Asia's regionalization trend led to the formulation of numerous economic cooperation initiatives. These, however, often lack a clear implementation strategy.

The Arakan/Rohingya Crisis

Sep 23, 2017 Asia Prospects Han Ka T.notes

Several major confrontations have occurred in Arakan since World War II, creating lasting distrust between the followers of different religious creeds. These conflicts are related to issues which all have their roots deep in the country’s past.

Radio Vaticana – 17 agosto 2017

Aug 30, 2017 Asia Prospects In the media Giuseppe Gabusi

[IT] "Anniversario dell'indipendenza dell'Indonesia: il futuro del Paese", Giuseppe Gabusi (Università degli Studi di Torino) interviene a Radio Vaticana.

The ‘Lucky’ Ones: Land, Citizenship, and Inequality in the Wa Self-Administered Division

Aug 12, 2017 Asia Prospects Naomi Hellmann T.notes

In the Wa autonomous areas that run along the Sino-Burmese border, disparities in material wealth raise important questions about land ownership.

Opium and ‘Development’ in Myanmar: the political economy of a resurgent crop

Aug 4, 2017 Asia Prospects Patrick Meehan

Shan State is the source of over 95 percent of opium in Southeast Asia. Over the past three decades, demand for and addiction to opium derivatives has risen dramatically in the region, often with devastating effects for communities throughout Myanmar.

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