Security privatisation at sea: Piracy and the commercialisation of vessel protection

This article conducts a congruence testing of the main theoretical explanations for the use of PSCs on land against UK, Dutch and Italian vessel protection policies.

Reshaping the Regional Trade Order without the United States

The decision to withdraw the US from TPP is therefore but one trade specific component of the broader self-isolation of the US from the Asia-Pacific more generally.

Street gangs as a form of glocal radicalization

Gangs are in all respects one of the forms assumed by the growing clustering of the criminal industry, in a market of illegal goods and services that is becoming ever more complex and globalized, and completely immune to the cyclical downturn in demand.

The specter of MS-13: Understanding fears and perceptions of belonging among diaspora Salvadorans

Misunderstanding the adaptive nature of gangs like MS-13 results in policies which amplify violence and alienation in immigrant enclaves.

New Zealand’s Multilateralism Does not Exclude China

With BRI, New Zealand will examine options to use the project not just to deepen ties with China, but also to deepen ties with other countries along the BRI “spoke” where it is located.

War By Another Name? The ‘Urban Turn’ in 21st Century Violence

In the early twenty-first century, as inter-state war appeared to decline in frequency, new forms and discourses of ‘war’ took prominence, epitomised by the ‘War on Terror’ and the ‘War on Drugs.’ For some critics, the use of the term ‘war’ in these contexts was deeply problematic.

The India–China Tango in Southeast Asia

While objecting strongly to New Delhi joining ASEAN, Beijing keeps a close eye on India’s deepening ties with bloc members and with oil and gas exploration drives in the littoral states of the South China Sea.

La frontiera urbana della sicurezza

[IT] Più della metà della popolazione mondiale vive oggi in contesti urbani. Entro il 2030 due persone su tre vivranno in centri metropolitani, mentre entro il 2050 questo rapporto salirà a tre persone su quattro. Sotto la spinta di un’urbanizzazione senza precedenti, le città stanno emergendo come crocevia politici, economici e culturali, e ridefinendo le agende internazionali di sviluppo e sicurezza.

La Malaysia prima del voto

[IT] Entro l’estate, in Malaysia si svolgeranno le elezioni politiche. Qual è la situazione nel Paese? Quali sono i punti di forza e di fragilità su cui i cittadini malaysiani saranno chiamati a pronunciarsi? In questo nuovo numero monografico, RISE dedica un’approfondita analisi alle sfide future che attendono la Malaysia.

Revising China’s Strategic Culture: Contemporary Cherry-Picking of Ancient Strategic Thought

Some elements of Chinese ancient military thought are readily apparent in China’s military strategic culture today. These elements clearly call for a realist vision of the world. Yet, the analysis also prompts reflection on how to positively engage China on non-traditional security issues.

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