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International relations in India: bringing theory back home

Bajpai Kanti, Mallavarapu Siddharth

Orient BlackSwan

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New Delhi

  • Introduction
  • International studies in India: bringing theory (back) home
    Bajpai Kanti pp.17-38
  • States, nationalisms and modernities in conversation: problematising international relations in India
  • Communicative discourse and community in international relations studies in India: a critique
    Rana A. P., Misra K. P. pp.71-122
  • Marxism and international law: a contemporary analysis
    Chimni B. S. pp.123-172
  • Gramscian hegemony and the legitimation of imperialism
    Harshe Rajen pp.173-222
  • The gaze of orientalism: reflections on linking postcolonialism and international relations
    Ramakrishnan A. K. pp.223-274
  • Human security: concept and measurement
    Bajpai Kanti pp.275-332
  • Bringing gender into national security and international relations
    Chenoy Anuradha M. pp.333-350
  • Human rights and international relations theory
  • Economic sanctions as a foreign policy tool
    Mukherji Rahul pp.367-383
  • The long amd short of peace
    Samaddar Ranabir pp.384-399
  • 1945 to 1989: the realist paradigm and systemic duality
    Vanaik Achin pp.400-421
  • Structure and interaction in the global system
    Basrur Rajesh M. pp.422-450
  • Reconsidering the state in international relations
  • Realism, neorealism and critical theory: a general essay
    John M. S. pp.490-519

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