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Handbook of China's international relations

Breslin Shaun


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  • Introduction: China's new diplomacy: old wine in a new bottle?
  • Researching international relations in China: from security to international political economy
    Wang Zhengyi pp.13-21
  • Policy-making processes of Chinese foreign policy: the role of policy communities and think tanks
    Zhao Quansheng pp.22-34
  • Popular participation: civil society, diverse publics and internet in response to Chinese diplomacy
    Shen Simon pp.35-44
  • Keeping the past alive: the use of history in China's foreign relations
  • On being sovereign during a time of increased interdependence: China's evolving approach to sovereignty and its implications for Chinese foreign relations
    Carlson Allen pp.55-63
  • Oiling the wheels of foreign policy? Energy security and China's international relations
  • Human rights and China's international relations
    Foot Rosemary pp.76-84
  • China's soft power diplomacy in the 21st century
    Brown Kerry pp.85-93
  • China and global governance: status quo power or challenge to the global order?
    Andornino Giovanni pp.94-105
  • Integrating into the international community? Chinese peace-keeping operations
    Suzuki Shogo pp.106-113
  • Modernizing the People's Liberation Army: aims and implications
    Cheung Tai Ming pp.114-125
  • Less beautiful, still somewhat imperialist: Beijing eyes Sino-US relations
    Moore Gregory J. pp.129-137
  • China and Japan: between co-operation and competition
    Drifte Reinhard pp.138-146
  • China's 'backyard': relations with the Korean Peninsula and Southeast Asia
    Sutter Robert G. pp.147-155
  • China's relations with Europe: towards a 'normal' relationship?
  • Security, strategy and the former USSR: China and the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
    Lanteigne Marc pp.166-176
  • Playing by the rules? Sino-Middle Eastern relations
    Olimat Muhamad pp.177-186
  • A challenge to the global liberal order? The growing Chinese relationship with Africa
    Taylor Ian pp.187-199
  • China's deepening ties with Latin America: a work in progress
    Roett Riodan pp.200-208
  • South Asia in China's strategic calculus
    Scott David pp.209-218
  • Looking south: China's oceanic relations
    Thomas Nicholas pp.219-226

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