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China and Africa: emerging patterns in globalization and development

Strauss Julia C. , Saavedra Martha

Cambridge University Press

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  • Introduction: China, Africa and internationalization
  • Harmony and discord in China's Africa strategy: some implications for foreign policy
  • Fuelling the dragon: China's rise and its energy and resources extraction in Africa
    Jiang Wenran pp.35-59
  • China's Sudan engagement: changing northern and southern political trajectories in peace and war
    Large Daniel pp.60-76
  • In it for the long term? Governance and learning among Chinese investors in Zambia's copper sector
    Haglund Dan pp.77-96
  • Raw encounters: Chinese managers, African workers and the politics of causalization in Africa's Chinese enclaves
    Lee Ching Kwan pp.97-116
  • The Chinese Amigo: implications for the development of Equatorial Guinea
    Esteban Mario pp.117-135
  • China's engagement in African agriculture: "down to the countryside"
  • Chinese shops and the formation of a Chinese expatriate community in Namibia
    Dobler Gregor pp.157-177
  • African perspectives on China: Africa links
    Sautman Barry pp.178-209
  • Representations of Africa in Hong Kong soap opera: the limits of enlightened humanitarianism in the last breakthrough
    Saavedra Martha pp.210-226
  • The past in the present: historical and rhetorical lineages in China's relations with Africa

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