Edited book

China's ascent

Ross Robert S., Zhu Feng

Cornell University Press

Publication year

Place of publication
New York

  • Power transition theory and the rise of China
    Levy Jack S. pp.11-33
  • China's rise will be peaceful: how unipolarity matters
    Zhu Feng pp.34-54
  • Parsing China's rise: international circumstances and national attributes
    Goldstein Avery pp.55-86
  • The rise of China: power, institutions, and the Western order
    Ikenberry G. John pp.89-114
  • Structures, processes, and the socialization of power: East Asian community-building and the rise of China
    Wei Ling, Qin Yaqing pp.115-138
  • From offensive to defensive realism: a social evolutionary interpretation of China's security strategy
    Tang Shiping pp.141-162
  • Purpose transitions: China's rise and the American respond
    Legro Jeffrey W. pp.163-187
  • Between China, America, and North Korea: South Korea's hedging
    Kim Byung-Kook pp.191-217
  • A Japanese perspective on China's rise and the East Asian order
    Takahara Akio pp.218-237
  • The consequence of China's economic rise for Sino-U.S. relations: rivalry, political conflict, and (not) war
    Kirshner Jonathan pp.238-259
  • The United States and the rise of China: implications for the long haul
    Art Robert J. pp.260-290
  • The rise of China: theoretical and policy perspectives
    Ross Robert S., Zhu Feng pp.293-315

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