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East Asian vision: perspectives on economic development

Gill Intermit, Kharas Homi, Huang Yukon

The World Bank

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  • Perspectives on East Asian development: an introduction
  • Economic integration in East Asia: Cambodia's experience
  • The case for East Asian financial cooperation
  • The future of Asia
    Gyohtem Toyoo pp.69-81
  • Rural-based development in East Asia under globalization
    Hayami Yujiro pp.82-106
  • Economic development and regional cooperation in East Asia
    Jomo K. S. pp.107-127
  • East Asian economic integration: problems for late-entry countries
    Kiem Cao Sy pp.128-141
  • Asia's challenges
    Koh Tommy pp.142-148
  • Toward an integrated, poverty-free, and peaceful East Asia
    Kuroda Haruhiko pp.149-177
  • China's WTO accession: implications and key lessons learned
    Long Yongtu pp.178-187
  • From Confucius to Kennedy: principles of East Asian governance
    Mahbubani Kishore pp.188-202
  • Economic integration in East Asia: a Philippine perspective
    Medalla Felipe pp.203-230
  • Visions of East Asia: three engines for a way forward
    Pangestu Mari pp.231-243
  • Political foundations for sustainable growth in Asia
    Pei Minxin pp.244-257
  • The Asian network economy in the 21st century
    Sheng Andrew pp.258-284
  • Does China need to change its industrialization path?
    Wu Jinglian pp.285-308
  • Reflections on financial and monetary developments in Asia
    Yam Joseph pp.309-322
  • The internal and external environment of China's development over the next five years
    Zheng Bijian pp.323-327

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