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Exploring Ethnic Diversity in Burma

Gravers Mikael

Nias Press

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  • Introduction: Ethnicity against the State - State against Ethnic Diversity?
  • Constructing and Contesting the Category 'Kachin' in the Colonial and post-Colonial Burmese State
  • Respahing Karenni-ness in Exile: Education, Nationalism and Being in the Wider World
  • Some Remarks upon Ehtnicity Theory and Southeast Asia, with Special Reference to the Kayah and the Kachin
  • Mapping the Kachin Political Landscape: Constructing, Contesting and Crossing Borders
  • Ceasefires and Civil Society: The Case of the Mon
  • Who Are the Shan? An Ethnological Perspective
  • Christianity and Chin Identity
  • Conversion and Identity: Religion and the Formation of Karen Ethnic Identity in Burma

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