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Metamorphosis: Studies in Social and Political Change in Myanmar

Egreteau Renaud, Robinne François

Nus Press

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  • Introduction — Metamorphosis: Studies in Social and Political Change in Myanmar
  • Soldiers as Lawmakers? Assessing the New Legislative Role of the Burmese Armed Forces (2010–15)
    Egreteau Renaud pp.15-42
  • The 2010 Election and the Making of a Parliamentary Representative
  • Grassroots Protest Movements and Mutating Conceptions of ‘the Political’ in an Evolving Burma
  • How Far from National Identity? Dealing with the Concealed Diversity of Myanmar
    Boutry Maxime pp.103-126
  • Ethno-nationalism and Participation in Myanmar: Views from the Shan State and Beyond
    Ferguson Jane pp.127-150
  • Competing Identities and the Hybridized History of Rohingyas
    Leider Jacques pp.151-178
  • Unwanted War, Unachievable Peace: Examining Some Kachin Narratives in Times of Conflict
    Jaquet Carine pp.179-208
  • Students and Teachers as Agents of Democratisation Realities and and National Reconciliation in Burma: Possibilities
    Metro Rosalie pp.209-233
  • Transnational Activism as Practised by Activists from Burma: Negotiating Precarity, Mobility and Resistance
    Banki Susan pp.234-259
  • Accessibility to Biomedicine in Contemporary Rakhine State
    Coderey Céline pp.260-290
  • Is There a Future for Buddhist Nuns in Myanmar?
    Kawanami Hiroko pp.291-319
  • A Generation of Monks in the Democratic Transition
  • To be Burmese is Not (Only) Being Buddhist
    Robinne François pp.346-367

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