Edited book

The international politics of EU-China relations

Kerr David, Liu Fei

Oxford University Press

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Place of publication
New York

  • Introduction
    Kerr David, Liu Fei pp.1-10
  • The EU-China "strategic dialogue": pathways in the international system
    Scott David pp.13-37
  • Key elements of China's foreign strategy
    Li Shaojun pp.38-53
  • The EU and China: partners in effective multilateralism?
  • Diplomacy for integration: the economic aspect of Chinese foreign policy
    Wu Baiyi pp.81-101
  • Chinese television coverage and Chinese perceptions of Sino-EU relations
    Li Xiaoping pp.102-117
  • Intergovernmentalism and China-EU relations
    Liu Fei pp.118-128
  • The role of France in Sino-European relations: central or marginal?
  • EU-China security relations: the "softer" side
  • Contrast in the security concepts of China and the EU: the perspective of a PLA Officer
    Chen Bo pp.184-200
  • The multilateral security regime in the Asia-Pacific region and China's choice
    Zhang Linhong pp.201-215
  • The impact of European and Chinese soft power on regional and global governance
    Bersick Sebastian pp.216-230
  • Comparative regionalism: the logic of governance in Europe and East Asia
    Callahan William A. pp.231-258
  • East Asian stability and security: the roles and responsibilities of the EU
    Holtby Christopher pp.259-264
  • Promoting the deeper development of China-EU relations
    Feng Zhongping pp.267-279
  • China and the EU: science and technology cooperation as a building factor in partnership
    Yang Yang pp.280-288
  • Between regionalism and world order: five structural factors in China-Europe relations to 2025
    Kerr David pp.289-317

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